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The Scottish Daily Mail has today (22 May) reported the compensation bill for DRS could be as much as £500million if it is axed by the Scottish Government.
The Fed stated it will take legal advice against the SNP/Green administration if the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) is abandoned. Our membership organisation also rejected the comment from Scotland’s First Minister, Humza Yousaf, that the UK Government should pay out any compensation.
Deputy vice president of the Fed, Mo Razzaq, said: “We support a deposit return scheme as it will boost recycling and reduce the litter which blights land and sea.
However, Scotland’s scheme is deeply flawed and seems unlikely to get off the ground. We believe less than 3% of our members have taken out leasing contracts for the machines to process the empties. For the scheme to succeed, Ministers across the UK need to join Ireland in offering small shops financial help to lease these machines.
And the few that took out contracts are regretting it as the Scottish government isn’t offering compensation for the delay so far. The seven-month delay until March next year is costing them over £2,200 at £320 a month for a five-year lease. We are taking legal advice with a view to court action.”
Members can read the full Scottish Daily Mail article here.

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