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Members are being encouraged to complete a government survey on its recently launched Energy Business Relief Scheme which sets out to discover how effective this is in supporting non domestic customers and to help it decide on whether energy relief for businesses should be extended beyond March 31 2023.

The BEIS survey asks for details on energy usage and can be completed using the link below:

Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

All responses must be submitted using the link above. Please be aware, there is a limited window for completing this. The survey closes as 23:55 on Sunday (October 30, 2022).

What is the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS)?

On October 1 2022, the government launched the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, which will provide support with energy costs relief to eligible businesses, voluntary sector and public sector organisations in Great Britain until at least through to  March 31 2023. A similar scheme will be established in Northern Ireland.

In parallel, the government has also launched a three-month review that will consider which non-domestic customers remain particularly at risk to energy price rises after 31st March and the most appropriate means of providing this support.

What will the EBRS review cover?

The review will consider:

  • how effective the scheme has been in giving support to at risk non-domestic customers.
  • which groups of non-domestic customers (by sector, size or geography) remain particularly at risk to energy price rises, taking into account the latest price position and forward curves, alongside other cost pressures.
  • how to continue supporting these customers – either by extending the existing scheme for some users, or replacing with a different scheme.

Continuing support to those deemed eligible would begin at the end of the initial 6-month support scheme, without a gap.

It is important that users who are less at risk to energy price increases (particularly larger businesses that are not energy-intensive) use the 6 months support provided by the scheme to identify measures they can take to protect themselves against high energy prices.

How can I contribute evidence to the EBRS review?

BEIS officials are currently gathering evidence and data from businesses to inform the review’s decisions. Evidence gathering for the review will conclude at 23:55 Sunday October 30.

Businesses are encouraged to complete the survey questionnaire at the following link:

This survey includes questions on a range of topics, including information about your organisation, energy costs and usage, other costs and your expectations for the months ahead. Responses to this questionnaire will help inform and shape the review of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme.

All of the data you provide will be treated as confidential and not shared outside of government.

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