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Do you want to outperform the market?

Do you want to improve cash flow by on average £500?

Do you want regular updates on sales opportunities?

Group performance goes from strength to strength

Newspro Retail Group members continue to outperform the competition by 17.65% overall.
The success looks to continue as we move out of lockdown

*Data supplied by Smiths News

Newspro Retail Group continues to outperform the market by 13.9% overall


Welcome to the Newspro Retail Group webpage where I trust you will find a host of information to help you and your business. Please take a few minutes to navigate a few areas you may find particularly interesting are our resources and if you offer HND Store2Door. We have an ethos of constant development and improvement and your feedback is vital to help us achieve this.Why not drop us a line on your thoughts or additions you would like to see at We look forward to hearing from you- Jerry Hayes – Newspro Development Manager


In addition to competitive edge Newspro provides members with a host of other benefits detailed below. There are also a number of resources available via this webpage to assist members Make Money, Save Money and Make Business Easier. See below what members have to say or visit our resources section for further information and downloads.

Newspro members enjoy:
  • Average £500 cashflow saving
  • Customised magazine range
  • Store Manager Choice facility
  • Improved availability
  • Removal of unwanted titles
  • Regular promotions
  • Best practice advice
  • Reduction of early returns & lost credits
  • Home news delivery support available
  • Dedicated Service & Support

What the members say

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Chris Bridgett – NFRN Member


“Everytime I have raised a query or sought advice from the Newspro team it has been answered promptly and efficiently providing a first class service to me and my business.”


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Carl Pickering – NFRN Member


“The Newspro service provides the extra support required to assist me in managing the magazine category”.



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Vince Malone – NFRN Member


“After commencing selling magazines at the beginning of January, I have seen sales steadily increase, even with limited footfall due to Covid-19 restrictions. The current level of sales will add around £1,500 to the bottom line at the end of the year. I look forward to working with Newspro to further develop the category as we come out of lockdown and footfall grows.”


Don’t hesitate, joining is easy and you can start enjoying the fantastic benefits!

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If you are interested in joining the NFRN and would like to be contacted by the organisation, please complete the form below.

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Please find below a series of documents for your reference in helping you and your business.

Newspro Retail Group
Please find the Frequently asked questions document below to assist you with any queries. However, don’t forget that you can always email us at or call us on 0800 121 6376



Within this section you will find a promotions document giving advice to help you get the best return from any promotional activity. Capitalising on events throughout the year can add to your bottom line. To assist with this there is also an annual events calendar that can be downloaded for your use


Future Retail Bulletin July 2021

What is the Annual Events Calendar?

Annual Events Calendar

Euro Indies Letter


Having the correct range for your store is vital in providing the best opportunity to grow sales. The documents in the section below provide an overview of the ranging principles plus details of the core ranges available.
One you have the correct range maintaining availability is key to maximising sales. To assist with this there is an explanation of availability plus a downloadable availability checklist.


Core Range Documents:

NPA Range

NPB range

NPC range

NPD range

NPE Range

NPF Range

NPG range

NPI range

NPJ range

NPK range

NPL Range

NPO range















Core Range Availability

Core Availability Checklists

Home News Delivery

Providing a delivery service for your customers can provide you with an added profit stream and this section contains an overview of Home News delivery. Newspro works with Store 2 door to provide members with practical advice and support. There is also a downloadable Profit Calculator to help you assess the return this valuable service is likely to provide.

Home News Delivery

Store2Door Profit Calculator

Service & Support
There will be times when things go wrong or you simply have a query, we are always here to help. You can contact us direct via email at or via our colleagues at the NFRN Connect contact centre on 0800 1216376.

Service and Support

Summary of NFRN Membership

Best Practice In Store
Whilst many of you have been selling news and mags for many years there may be instances where you need to train new staff members, This section provides a training aid on the key areas of : Good Receiving, Returns and News Development to act as a reference and get them up to speed as quickly as possible. There is a handy downloadable checklist for your use.

Best Practice In Store

In Store Routine Best Practice

Latest Industry Updates

NOTICE AS OF 03/09/21

***** Title that appeared as TAB FICTION FEAST with the Issue cover 8 and barcode 977146353613909 on your DPDN will be referred to as TAB FICTION FEAST Issue SEP on your recall note.*****

***** Title that appeared as VICTORIA FALL BAKING with the Issue cover OCT and barcode 977193698302628 on your DPDN will be referred to as VICTORIA FALL BAKING Issue FALBAK on your recall note.*****

NOTICE AS OF 20/08/21

3 titles will appear differently on your returns note than your delivery note  these are:

***** Title that appeared as AUTO EXPRESS SPECIAL with the Issue cover 18SEP and barcode 977096745029333 on your DPDN will be referred to as AUTO EXPRESS SPECIAL Issue 18AUG on your recall note.*****

 ***** Title that appeared as BASS PLAYER UK with the Issue cover 413 and barcode 977263418700613 on your DPDN will be referred to as BASS PLAYER DUSTY HILL Issue 413 on your recall note.*****

***** Title that appeared as ESQUIRE UK with the Issue cover SEP and barcode 977096051515909 on your DPDN will be referred to as ESQUIRE UK Issue AUT on your recall note. *****

 Please make your staff aware of this to ensure these titles are not missed when due for return.


This section contains the latest information on product price changes for your reference and is updated weekly.
There are also details of late notifications that have come through since the last weekly update to keep you abreast of changes.


Newspaper Lookup

Ceased Titles

New Titles

EPOS Lookup

Stickers Trading Cards and Collectables