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Boost your sales with Newspro, the NFRN’s game-changing newspaper and magazine category management solution.

It works in tandem with Store2Door, our home news delivery advice service, to ensure you can offer a complete service to your customers both in and out of your store.

Join today and find out why Newspro stores outperform the independent channel by 7%*.

Simply call NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376 to find out more. It provides seven-days-a-week support and advice on:

  • Wholesaler issues
  • Newspro range and promotional queries
  • Adjusting your range if you wish to change your selling space


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Proven Sales Increase


In 2019, Newspro retailers saw sales increase 2.9%.

The average for other retailers was a 4.3% decline!



Chris Bridgett – NFRN Member


“Everytime I have raised a query or sought advice from the Newspro team it has been answered promptly and efficiently providing a first class service to me and my business.”


Carl Pickering – NFRN Member


“The Newspro service provides the extra support required to assist me in managing the magazine category”.



Brian Murphy – NFRN Head of Field Operations & News


“Through the various Newspro facets, we have created the opportunity for all NFRN members to improve on, yet retain a unique consumer offer so they can increase their profits from the news category.”


How does Newspro work?


Newspro closely emulates how a retail multiple group (RMG) operates its news category – and best of all, it is completely free for NFRN members!

Each store is provided with a core range of bestselling titles. This range is locked into the wholesaler system, and you can also add any discretionary titles you need.

Simply tell your wholesaler which titles and quantities you need. The Newspro team will then provide you with the complete package for your store.

To maximise sales potential in limited space, low-volume-sales titles that sit outside the core range should be moved to customer saves.


  • No unauthorised amendments to your range from wholesale.
  • Reduce your time spent on the category.
  • Average cashflow improvements of £500.
  • Improved display and customer experience.
  • Monthly email newsletter with latest promotions and guidance.
  • Access to publisher-led promotional activity.


* Source: Smiths News

What’s the science behind the ranging process?
While every store is unique, there is a core range of titles that consistently sell well across all stores.

Newspro decides your core range of mandatory titles using a range of industry insight. Your core range will be based on:

  • 75% of total magazine sales coming from the top 200 titles.
  • National rankings information, with sales trends overlaid to ensure key selling titles are captured.
  • Your specific fixture size and the number of titles that can be displayed.
  • The number of titles per metre, allowing you to give the maximum number of titles full face and maximising your sales opportunity.
  • Your ability to add titles or increase quantity on a discretionary basis to fulfil demand.
Newspro Communication
We’ll be in touch regularly to provide details of sales opportunities as well as hints, tips and best practice for your news category.

The latest promotional updates can be found at the top of this page.

Promotion Best Practice
Over the course of the year, you may be asked to participate in centrally-agreed promotions. To gain maximum benefit, you should:

  • Comply with the promotion’s criteria. This may include providing photographs or feedback.
  • Not early return promoted products.


The following is an illustrative example of possible opportunities.

Month Key Events Seasonal Suggested Titles/ Key Categories
August Premier League Kids – Back to School Exclusive kids promotion with selected newspaper
September Premier League / Rugby World Cup Match Attax Launches Today’s Golfer, Match Attax, Children’s Magazines
October Premier League / Rugby World Cup Match Attax Children’s Magazines
November Premier League Kids – Half Term, Christmas One Shots Christmas Magazines, Good Housekeeping Christmas, Good Food Christmas Special, Radio Times, What’s On TV, Inside Soap
December Christmas Christmas TV Listings Christmas Magazines, Good Housekeeping Christmas, Good Food Christmas Special, Radio Times, What’s On TV, Inside Soap

How do I join NFRN Newspro?

It’s easy. Call NFRN Connect on 0800 121 6376, email or complete the online application.

The Newspro Toolkit


Use the Newspro Toolkit to find ways to minimise losses and maximise sales in store.

The Toolkit is at the heart of our Retail Standards Best Advice Guidance and training sessions.

It is split into four sections and available free to any NFRN member.

  1. Serving your customers
  2. Sales, product and promotion information
  3. Helpful advice and information
  4. Developing your display

Email to request a posted or emailed version of any or all item(s) in the Toolkit.

Home news delivery is a unique way of making daily contact with your customers and putting product in their hands. Through the Store2Door (S2D) initiative, the NFRN has a wealth of information available, providing everything you need to know to offer a professional HND service.

If you need any assistance, please contact the S2D team on 0800 917 8884 or email

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