In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, NFRN members Asiyah Javed and Jawad Javed, of the Day Today Express store in Falkirk, have gone above and beyond their call of duty to help the vulnerable members within their local community.

In an outstanding act of kindness, the husband and wife retailers are giving away free COVID-19 kits to the elderly.

The kits include antibacterial hand gel, sanitising wipes and facemasks.

Despite the kits costing the business almost £2,000 to make so far – at a cost of £2 per kit – the pair are also offering free delivery services for any residents that are unable to make it to the corner shop.

Coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on 11th March.

Since then, the number of cases and associated deaths has rapidly increased across the world.

Whilst notably only those with underlying health conditions and the elderly are of a significant risk, there have been global reports of panic-buying.

Government officials have warned that panic-buying is unnecessary and will leave vulnerable people without any basic essentials.

Mrs Javed said: “I was inspired to create the kits when I saw an elderly woman at the supermarket.

“She was crying because she was unable to get any hand wash as everyone had been panic-buying it.

“It is so unfair because the least vulnerable to the Coronavirus – the young and able – seem to be the main ones that are stockpiling products.

“I felt really bad and wanted to do something.

“I started to think about all of the other old people at home, especially those who couldn’t leave the house, and came up with the idea of a delivery service that would take the Covid-19 kits to their houses.”

She continued: “We are just trying to help those who need it.

“The community response has been really good.

“It’s so nice seeing how grateful our customers are – it makes it all worth it.”

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