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Personal Benefits

Your membership gives you access to a wide range of personal benefits, giving you and your family extra financial protection.


Full Bereavement Benefit – £2,000

In addition to the Bereavement Benefit, a payment of up to an additional £2,000 is payable at the discretion of the Benefits Committee in respect of death, permanent total disablement or loss of limb / eye by criminal activity whilst at work.

Half Bereavement Benefit – £1,000 (Members joining over the age of 60 years).


One year’s membership. All members joining must complete a Declaration of Membership Form, nominating the person to whom the Bereavement benefit should be paid.

To make a claim for Bereavement Benefit, we require the original death certificate to be obtained and forwarded to the Benefits Department.



Grants of up to £600 in any five year period.


One year’s membership. Full members, Full partner and Full multiple, and Affiliate members are eligible.

Serious Illness benefit is paid at the sole discretion of the Benefits Committee in cases of significant and long-term, life changing or life threatening illness.

To make a claim for Serious Illness Benefit, we require the member to complete the Serious Illness Benefit application form and attach the relevant supplementary evidence within three months of the serious illness diagnosis.

A grant of up to a maximum of £1,000 in any five year period


One year’s membership

This charity is administered by the NFRN Convalescence Trustees and applications can be made from a member affected by a prolonged and serious medical condition which has resulted in hardship and the need for convalescence and/or respite care.

To make a claim, use the Convalescence and Respite application form, available through the Benefits department at Head Office.

Half Convalescence & Respite Benefit – Members joining over the age of 60 years.



A discretionary payment of up to £1,000


Any member (or member’s spouse / partner) in membership for a minimum of one year who is in extreme difficulty following the death of their spouse / partner.

Such funds will be released from the NFRN Benefits Fund subject to agreement by the National Trustees and in line with any relevant HMRC guidelines regarding provident benefits.

Death – £2,000

Loss of hand, foot, limb, eye or permanent incapacity  – £1,000

For newspaper deliverers of 13 years of age or over according to the individual by-laws in their area.

This benefit is applicable to accidents occurring when employed as a news deliverer on foot or by bicycle, but does not apply to accidents occurring from the use of motorised transport.

Claims must be made in writing to the NFRN had office within six weeks of the occurrence of the injury and, in the case of death, must be accompanied by a Death Certificate and a letter of authority from the member, authorising The Benefits Department to deal with the matter on his/her behalf and to make payment to the deliverer’s legal representative.

Accidents occurring in other circumstances, or when the news deliverer diverts from the direct route to or from his/her place of residence, will not be payable under this benefit but will be submitted to the National Trustees for consideration.


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