Redeem Booker Vouchers And Add £500 To Your Bottom Line

As a thank you for members, Booker and the NFRN have joined forces for a new voucher promotion and this is our biggest yet!

With a retail sales value of more than £500 the vouchers will be arriving through your letter box over the course of the next week and they can be redeemed in Booker and Makro branches nationwide up until November 3.

This exciting new promotion features some top selling products and comprises a mix of   buy one get one free deals, free cases, money off leading products and some exclusive promotions.  NFRN members will also have the chance to stock some exciting additions to Booker’s offering.

They can be redeemed in Booker and Makro branches nationwide for a range of top selling soft drinks, confectionery, alcohol and snacks products.  Participating brands include Diet Coke, Oasis, Sprite, McCoys, Love Hearts, Carlsberg and Hardy’s wines.

National President Stuart Reddish said this new initiative was a thank you to members for their herculean efforts over the past year.

“The past few months have been very challenging for the convenience sector, with independent retailers facing unprecedented pressures.

“The work you have done in supporting your communities – keeping customers watered and fed – has been truly inspirational.”

He added: “This is our biggest promotion yet with Booker so I would urge you all to keep an eye on your letter boxes and make sure you visit your local Booker and Makro branch and take full advantage of these exciting offers, enjoying the sales and margin benefits from free and discounted products.”

Booker group managing director – retail Colm Johnson said: “We are delighted to be able to offer these exclusive Booker deals to NFRN members.  The voucher book is worth over £500 at RSV and we are confident this will add to retailers’ bottom lines.

“All the vouchers offer amazing value on some of the bestselling products in the convenience sector.  We are proud of our partnership with the NRFN and have more activity planned in the coming months to continue to support members and help them grow both sales and profits.”

This latest promotion follows our highly successful BOGOF promotions on top Euro Shopper lines between October 2019 and January 2020 and on Happy Shopper confectionery lines between March and the end of May.

Key deals

Free case

  • Diet Coke Sublime Lime, price marked £1, 12 x 500ml – WORTH £6.15.
  • Oasis Blackcurrant & Apple, price marked £1, 12 x 500ml – WORTH £7.09.
  • Sprite, price marked £1, 12 x 500 – WORTH £6.99.


Buy one, get one free

  • Drumstick Chewbar Rhubarb/ Custard, 60 x 18g – WORTH £3.89.
  • Love Hearts, 24 x 39g WORTH £4.89
  • McCoys Flame Grilled Steak/ Salt & Malt Vinegar, 26 x 47.5g, buy Grilled Steak and get Salt & Malt Vinegar Free, WORTH £14.29
  • Space Raiders Beef/ Pickled Onion, price marked 30p, 36 x 25g, Buy Beef get Pickled Onion Free, WORTH £6.49


Money off

  • £5.50 off when you buy a case of Carlsberg Export, price marked 4 for £6.59, 6 x 4 x 568ml
  • £5 off when you buy a case of Hardys VR Chardonnay, 6 x 75cl

Booker Exclusives

  • Kopparberg Dark Fruit Rum, WSP £95.94 case / £15.99 single, RSP – £23.99, POR – 20 per cent
  • Dean Man’s Finger,WSP £89.94 case / £14.99 single, RSP – £22.49, POR – 20 per cent


Booker First to Market

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange buttons pouch, 10 x 110g, WSP – £9.99, RSP – £1.50, POR – 20 per cent
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Fingers, 20 x 114g, WSP – £19.99, RSP – £1.65, POR – 27 per cent

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