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The NFRN is aware of the recent disruption of Warburtons’ deliveries and is working alongside Warburtons to ensure that a solution is created, for any members that have been affected, as soon as possible.

The company has been unable to make the same amount of deliveries given the challenging and quite unprecedented situation.

Warburtons now need to reallocate their supplies and deliveries by creating a new supply list.

The company is currently identifying stores that are supporting isolated communities across the country, so that they can be prioritised.

As of Monday, Warburtons will be adding back 336 stores to their supply list.

NFRN members – that have been affected by the disruption – can apply to be on the list if they are an isolated store.

Warburtons consider a store to be isolated if the nearest store that they are continuing to serve is greater than two miles away.

The company will continue to review their criteria regularly and will advise the NFRN of any changes.

NFRN members can also procure Warburtons products via Cash and Carry.

Warburtons have significantly increased their stock levels into the Wholesale and Cash and Carry channel.

Colin Bebbington, Sales Director at Warburtons, said:

“We’re trying to get back to normal service and supporting all of Warburton’s independent customers as quickly as we possibly can.

“Given that the outlook for the next few weeks is still uncertain, it would not be fair to commit to when we can do that yet.

“We really appreciate the collaborative approach that the NFRN is bringing to this, as we all try to do our best in challenging circumstances.

Members can apply to get supply direct to door, if they meet the criteria, at

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