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Following Camelot’s short pause of Site, Stock, Sell due to Retail Sales Executives (RSEs) not being able to visit stores amid Covid-19, it has announced the launch of Site, Stock, Sell Online.

Camelot will launch Site, Stock, Sell Online from 27th July to ensure that retailers – who don’t receive a face-to-face visit from Camelot’s RSEs – don’t miss out on any rewards.

National Lottery retailers will also have the chance to win even more cash prizes as Camelot introduces its new-look digital Site, Stock, Sell retailer’s awards programme.

The programme has been adapted because retailers are still facing highly-challenging circumstances amid the coronavirus outbreak, such as having to limit the number of people in-store at any given time.

Camelot will now split its £10k prize into ten separate prizes – meaning there will be ten retailers who win big in the next quarterly prize draw.

Camelot is also introducing a new Site, Stock, Sell score bonus, which will award stores that get 8, 9 or 10 across the three online burst opportunities (during July – September) an extra £20.

James Dunbar, Head of Field Sales at Camelot, said: “We’ve also got some exciting news about Site, Stock, Sell – it’s back, with new ways to earn cash rewards! Following its short pause due to our Retail Sales Executives (RSEs) not being able to visit stores as they normally would, we are pleased to announce the launch of Site, Stock, Sell ONLINE. From 27th July, retailers will be able to score their store against our 10 SSS questions by uploading photos on the The National Lottery Retailer Hub. The photos can be reviewed online by their RSE and they will receive cash rewards for scoring 8, 9 or 10.”

“What’s more, we’re introducing a new SSS score bonus which means that if stores get 8, 9 or 10 across the three online burst opportunities (during July – September), they’ll earn an extra £20! This is all in addition to the normal £10 bonus events that will continue to support special events and Scratchcard campaigns. Plus, more great news – the quarterly £10,000 prize draw will be split into 10 prizes of £1,000 giving more retailers who score 10/10 the chance to win big in our new ‘Money Maker Event’. So in all, retailers will have the chance to earn up to £70 per store with Site, Stock, Sell in the space of just 3 months.”

“To further support retailers, we have invested significantly in upgrading our award-winning website, The National Lottery Retailer Hub ( The all-new features and tools include personalised data, such as how much you’ve raised for Good Causes, your National Lottery sales figures and the amount of commission you’ve earned – all at the touch of a button. The Retailer Hub also has a new e-learning and training platform, where retailers can take part in tailored training and new regular learning modules.”

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