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Camelot say National Lottery retailers should expect bumper sales this week as the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot is drawn on 23 February, followed by a huge Lotto ‘Must Be Won’ draw the next day.

If one UK player wins the entire £180 million EuroMillions jackpot they will immediately set a new National Lottery record and become the UK’s biggest ever winner.

With just over £190 million up for grabs this week, National Lottery retailers should make the most of the draws to maximise sales and boost their bottom lines. Ensure your POS is sited and ready to attract sales as well as talking to your customers and letting them know.

Camelot’s Retail Director, Jenny Blogg, said, “We have two huge National Lottery draws happening this week, having both rolled to spectacular jackpots. Excitement has been building over the past few weeks and players are aware that something special is happening – especially in the case of EuroMillions.

“What this means for National Lottery retailers is an opportunity to really maximise sales from those customers already in store. There are simple things they can do that will go a long way in securing those extra sales – for example, talking about the mind-blowing EuroMillions jackpot or telling people about the £5 cash prize for Match 2 in a Lotto ‘Must Be Won’ Rolldown.

“By selling tickets to these fantastic draws, our retailers are not only providing a chance for their customers to become an overnight National Lottery millionaire, but they’re also helping to raise around £30 million a week for National Lottery Good Causes.  They’re continuing to do fantastic work, and we want to thank them for that.”

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