Tomorrow, Wednesday 4th November, there is a Must Be Won draw which has rolled 5 times, leaving the jackpot at £12.8M!

If the Lotto jackpot is not won tomorrow, the match 2 Rolldown prize will be a free Lucky Dip ticket.

There is also another Must Be Won event on Saturday 7th November. Saturdays Lotto draw has an even bigger Must Be Won jackpot at £20M.

If Saturdays jackpot is not won, then the 2 Rolldown prize will be a free Lucky Dip ticket plus £5!

How to boost your sales:

  • Tell customers about the Lotto Must Be Won draws, offering a ticket for both Wednesday and Saturday’s draw.
  • Let them know that if no one manages to match all six numbers the jackpot will Rolldown to all winning cash prize tiers.
  • If a customer wins a Lucky Dip in Wednesdays draw, why not suggest they use their prize to enter Saturdays £20M Must Be Won Event.

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