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On Wednesday 23rd December there will be a special Lotto £15M Must Be Won Jackpot event.

To support this, you’ll receive new Lotto POS to site from today. Remember to keep your POS sited until the 23rd December to advertise the event to your customers.

If no one matches the 6 main numbers the Jackpot will rolldown to all prize tiers, including ‘match 2’ ticket holders who will win £5 plus a Lucky Dip®.

National Lottery Top Tips:

  • Display new POS from today until 23rd December
  • Tell customers that there is £15M Must Be Won Jackpot for grabs
  • Offer customers a ticket at the till to boost your sales.

There have also been 15,000 National Lottery retailers who received special flashing dispenser lights to help boost impulse scratchcard purchases.

Camelot’s Retail Director, Jenny Blogg said:

“With Christmas just around the corner, footfall in store is likely to increase as shoppers pick up last-minute items. It’s important that your shop is prepared for the increase in customers across every category and all areas of the store.

“There are a number of things you can do in store to make sure you’re getting those extra National Lottery sales, including making sure all POS is sited, suggesting a Scratchcard game to customers which they can gift to friends or family, and reminding customers to buy a ticket at the till – perhaps even mention the great new cash prize for Match 2 on a Lotto ‘Must Be Won’ Rolldown.

“We, of course, also have two fantastic special seasonal draws lined up with millions of pounds to be won – each of which will be sure to create a great talking point with customers. Retailers could see up to a 116% sales uplift on the Lotto ‘Must Be Won’ draw and 146% on the EuroMillions 10 UK Millionaires draw compared with normal draws – so it’s definitely worth asking customers if they’d like a Lucky Dip at the till, as there is so much to play for!”

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