The National Lottery’s Site, Stock, Sell Online is now open!

Win cash rewards by uploading an image of your stores National Lottery kit and POS on the retailer hub. It will be scored against 10 Site, Stock, Sell questions by your RSE, win by scoring 8,9 or 10/10. You will be notified of your outcome via email.

Need a reminder on what the 10 Site, Stock, Sell questions are? Visit TNL Hub or complete the e-learning module available on the hub!

Between now and September 2020 there will be three bursts where retailers will be invited to upload photos of their TNL equipment onto the retailer hub. You will receive an email alerting you of when each ‘burst’ opens.

A new Site, Stock, Sell bonus, means that if you get 8, 9 or 10/10 across the three bursts, you’ll earn an extra £20! Any rewards earned for each online burst will be received as soon as your RSE has approved your submission, whereas the £20 bonus will be awarded once all 3 bursts have finished in September.

Burst 1: SITE will open on Monday 27th July 2020.

If you have any issues with your National Lottery kit, POS, or Scratchcards, you can call the Retailer Hotline: 0800 8 40 50 60.

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