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From Monday 25 January the Newcastle Chronicle, Journal of Newcastle and the Manchester Evening News (MEN) will be substantially increasing the content relevant to their local areas.

The Newcastle Chronicle will include local content for South Tyneside and Durham, the Journal of Newcastle will include content for Northumberland and the Manchester Evening News will have content relating to Wigan.

Retailers within this areas can use this as a great opportunity to provide their customers with a greater localised focus which in turn will enable you to sell more copies.

All NFRN members within these regions will be automatically entered into a trade competition where you can win up to £250 cash!

The retailer in these areas who generates the best sales performance and best demonstrates how they are supporting this important initiative during the first 4 weeks will each receive £250 cash.

Read the trade notices below to find out more:

Manchester Evening News

Newcastle Chronicle

Journal of Newcastle

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