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At our 2021 Annual Conference in Bournemouth on October 21 and 22, our new senior officials were voted in.

Narinder Randhawa was elected as National President, with Jason Birks voted in as vice president and Shahid Razzaq, or Mo as he is better known, becoming deputy vice president.

All three men said they were honoured to be elected to these positions.

In his acceptance speech at our 2021 Annual Conference, Narinder said: I am not here to rock the boat, and I want to build on the hard work that has already been done by the immediate past national president, Stuart Reddish, the NEC and national council.”

Jason and Mo both vowed to do everything they could to continue to move the Federation forward and to grow membership.

After leading the NFRN for two and a half years, as National President from 2019 to 2021, Stuart Reddish becomes immediate past president.

Our National President has a demanding schedule.  As well as chairing meetings of the national executive committee (NEC) and national council, he attends key industry events and meetings with our key business partners, makes official visits to all NFRN districts and will provide comments and statements to the media as he champions the cause of independent retailers.