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2023’s first hot topic is the increase in newspaper prices and the margin cuts that come with them. The Mail’s biggest January sale could save retailers £182 a year, and 63 per cent off purchases for your customers.

Retailers won’t need reminding of the Reach and DMG media announcement of their retail margin cuts and newspaper price increases before Christmas last year. The changes are now in place, but the Mail’s biggest January sale subscription could save you and your customers’ money on newspaper sales.

In December 2022, the Fed reported on Reach and DMG media weekday and weekend prices increasing across the UK and Ireland, however, the retail margin will drop to 20.5 per cent. When changes were announced, the Fed was advised of support of the Daily Mail through a January sale point subscription off the front page of the paper.

Described as ‘The Mail’s BIGGEST ever January sale’, the offer is giving every reader who takes up a new subscription a credit crunching 63 per cent off the price of their Mail newspaper. The deal was announced Friday 30 December, allowing the Saturday Daily Mail for 50p, the Mail on Sunday for 80p and the Daily Mail for 33p for the next 6 months.

Retailers can subscribe for £12.68 a month. After taking up a seven day subscription, DMG media will send you the vouchers you need to get your Mail newspaper every day at your local shop for the next 13 weeks. At the end of the 13 weeks you will be sent your next voucher booklet. This whopping 63% discount will see you pay only £12.68 a month for six months, after which you will only pay £25.35 a month, a sizeable 25% discount.

In-paper coverage will be repeated on Sunday and through the week to encourage further subscribers. The sale price is also available for HND subscriptions through subs platforms found here.

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