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Deposit return scheme operator, Circularity Scotland Limited, has announced the payment that retailers will receive (the retail handling fee) for each can or bottle that they accept back. This payment is in addition to the refund of the 20p deposit paid by the retailer to the customer.

The rate for the scheme’s first year of operation will be as follows:

  • for manual takeback (over the counter, placing the returned items into bags or tote boxes) the rate is 2.69p per item returned.
  • for those using reverse vending machines (RVM) the rate will be 3.55p for the first 8,000 items returned each week, with 1.35p for each additional item.

The rate to be paid for items collected for online order customers has yet to be determined.  A different rate also applies for hospitality venues. These amounts will only be paid on “in scheme” containers.  An app will be available to allow retailers to check containers. Reverse vending machines check the container automatically.

Next Steps

We are talking to RVM suppliers about the cost of their machines and calculating the number of returns need per week needed to make having an RVM economically viable. More information will be made available shortly. We understand that retailers will be required to register with Circularity Scotland from December 2022.

In the meantime, we would ask members who have not yet appointed the NFRN as their representatives to the scheme, to do so. The more retailers who appoint us, the greater our voice within the scheme.

You can signify your appointment of the NFRN here: .

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