The NFRN National President for 2021-22 is West Midlands member Narinder Randhawa.

Having held every position at branch and district level, and quite a few at national level, Narinder is currently an ambassador for the NFRN Credit Union.

Narinder recognises that the NFRN provides great support and exclusive offers for its members, but would like to see more in terms of deals with the finance sector.

He said: “I believe we have some very good deals for the members. However, there is nothing in the banking or finance sector. I believe we should keep knocking on the door of the finance sector until we get the banking deal we deserve – we need to keep the dialogue going.”

During his acceptance speech at the Annual Conference 2021, he said: “I am not here to rock the boat, and I want to build on the hard work that has already been done by the immediate past president, Stuart Reddish, the NEC and the NC.”

He added: “My vision for the future is for the NFRN to look after the members with preferred deals, preferred banking terms and health deals. I want us to have preferred deals with say gyms, spa centres and hotels etc to give members the feel-good factor back.

“The ultimate vision is that all members get more back than they pay in fees. That is being realised at the moment through the deals we have available. The current deals are worth more than double the annual fee – so it is a win-win situation.”

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