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The Governor unveiled the design of the new polymer £50 note featuring the scientist Alan Turing which will be issued on 23 June 2021.
You can view the unveil film which also includes contributions from Stephen Fry and Dr Simon Singh on the
Bank’s YouTube channel.

You can find links to all of the updated materials below or visit for more information.

The new £50 completes our most secure series of Bank of England notes yet.
The security features are common across all the polymer banknotes, so if you can check one, you can check them all.


Security feature films
Our short films cover the key security features on all our current banknotes.


Banknote Checking Scheme
The Banknote Checking Scheme will keep you up to date with the latest information about the notes and best ways to check them.
For more information about how to sign up to the free scheme please see Join our free Banknote Checking Scheme.


The new £50 note



Educational Material
Click to download the free educational materials to help train staff to check banknotes




Take a closer look A5 booklets



Take a closer look A3 poster


You can also order hard copies of our free educational materials online

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