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On Thursday, February 2 representatives of The Fed are attending a roundtable with the Scottish government to discuss the government’s new proposals on restricting the sales of alcohol. The Fed would like to hear the opinions of Fed members and speak on their behalf this week.

The Scottish Government proposes to curb temptations and sales by banning/restricting end-of-aisle displays, at checkouts, near exits and entrances, and through signage or window displays.

The plans could include requiring retailers who display alcohol on shelves behind the counter to place the bottles “in a closed cupboard, like tobacco products”.

The proposals also outline suggestions such as banning mixed aisles of alcohol and non-alcohol products to “limit the visibility of alcohol to only those who make a specific decision to buy alcohol”

The Fed would like to hear opinions from Scottish retailers this proposal could impact. Two representatives will attend the roundtable this week and voice concerns.

To contact the Fed and discuss further, please call our contact centre on 020 7017 8880. Alternatively you can email or message our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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