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Investing in Retail Subscriptions, Investing in You.

With a change in newspaper buying patterns, consumers hungry for in-depth, factual information and a clear surge in requests for HND – now is the time for retailers to galvanise their customers to commit to a Subscription and earn additional revenue.

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We are working closely with the NFRN and retailers to maximise and retain our print customers, whilst simultaneously protecting the printed product and the newspaper category. Locking in new print subscribers to your store or HND business increases frequency of purchase, provides greater revenues and ensures that together, we maximise and retain our print customers thus protecting the printed product for the future.

Since launching our retail subscriptions incentive scheme over 1,000 retailers and HND specialists have generated hundreds of new seven day, 12 month subscriptions, equating to over 200,000 copy sales in the first year and our data shows that new seven day print subscribers retain for an average three years minimum equating to over 600,000 copy sales. In year one, the retailer profit from these subscriptions equates to over £90,000; over three years this will be over £270,000.


In addition, retailers earned over £30,000 in immediate incentives generating these customers for their stores. This is aside from the guaranteed daily footfall & improved basket spend on sundry products driven by subscribers.

The supporting retail packs are themed to link with the seasons – Spring, Summer, Winter – the striking yellow is designed to prominently stand out whilst the illustrations and leaflets are designed to encourage customers to think differently about a subscription, also highlighting the fact that they can have their newspaper home delivered thus further locking in the customer to the retailer’s delivery service whilst driving even greater income.

As consumer shopping habits have changed over the last few months, the key is to maintain the ‘buying local’ momentum.  This initiative of winning & retaining print customers remains the backbone to many independent stores & news delivery specialists. Driving Subscriptions helps put the future of the category and news industry back into the hands of the retailer. This has clearly resonated with many members and their customers.

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Supporting retail: The Telegraph subscriptions initiative supports retail in a difficult market. Converting more customers to a subscription ensures a more committed and valuable relationship with customers

Why convert your customers to a subscription?

Subscriptions along with HND have played a vital role in protecting the revenue of retailers – especially during the Covid-19 outbreak when business and life patterns shifted.

Added value for subscribers: Offering your subscribers HND strengthens your relationship with customers, and secures their commitment to your store.

High retention: Feedback shows that now more than ever, subscribers want to support their local store and are willing to pay for a professional news delivery service; a subscriber taking HND is more likely to retain their subscription and their delivery service for the long term.

Increased frequency: Subscriptions and HND are successful mechanics to increase the frequency of purchase, moving customers from ad hoc 3-4 day sales in-store to committed 7-day home delivery.

Protecting casual sales: Subscriptions contribute to saving casual sales and moving them to a locked-in sale.

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Delivering subscription growth and retail profit

Delivering subscription growth and retail profit

The Telegraph is bringing retailers the opportunity to make more money by converting their casual sale customers into cash. 

Telegraph Luxury And ST Fashion Magazine For Retail Insertion

Telegraph Luxury And ST Fashion Magazine For Retail Insertion

There will be an additional Telegraph Magazine titled ‘Luxury’ for retail insertion into The Daily Telegraph issue dated Saturday, March 6, 2021.

Rishi Sunak To Extend Business Rates Relief And Furlough

Rishi Sunak To Extend Business Rates Relief And Furlough

Rishi Sunak is set to extend business rates relief and prolong the furlough scheme into the summer The Telegraph has reported.

Smiths News & The Telegraph – Retail Voucher Crediting Process

Smiths News & The Telegraph – Retail Voucher Crediting Process

Smiths News and The Telegraph have released a friendly reminder that Telegraph subscriber vouchers should not be returned for credit in instances that you have not physically sold or delivered that day's newspaper to the subscriber.