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The Fed Email Disclaimer

This in common with all emails from The Fed/NFRN is confidential to the intended addressee and any others authorised to receive it. This and all such emails may also be privileged and/or without prejudice. Accidental incorrect email addressing, despatch or delivery does not waive or destroy any of those qualities.

No-one other than the intended recipient may disclose, forward, copy or use/act upon it or any part of it, its content or attachments in any way. If you as an actual recipient think it is possibly not intended for you, please notify the sender at once and destroy/completely delete it and any attachment(s).

Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Fed/NFRN.

By electronic communication (including accepting communications including the present one) with The Fed/NFRN you accept the risk of such mis-delivery, and of interception, hacking, viruses, malware, invasion of privacy and any/all other harm which may be caused by or to electronic communications, and release the sender and The Fed/NFRN from any and all relevant liability (except for deliberate fraud).

This email should be scanned for virus infection before opening. As stated, The Fed/NFRN accepts no liability for loss or damage arising through the content or attributes of this message.

The Fed/NFRN accepts no standard terms and/or conditions of or from any other party (sent electronically, in hard copy or in any other way) unless they are counter-signed by the COO, an authorised Director or an Officer of the Fed/NFRN.